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The very first major compositional project I undertook in 1977 which was supported by the Connecticut Commission on the Arts was a series of 8 duets based on the paintings of David Pallian. Its instrumentation was flexible and it included duet performances with Leo Smith, Ray Anderson, Mark Dresser and Mark Helias (not always with me in the equation). So duets as a forum for music making have been an important part of my musical journey from my earliest days of composing and performing music.

This page provides an overview of current and recent duo projects and recordings. From this page you can connect to more detail on pages devoted to each individual project.

Samples of most of these duos can be found on the mp3 page as well most of these recordings are also available from this page.

Marilyn Crispell & Gerry Hemingway

Crispell-Hemingwaycrispell-hemingway cdaffinities CvrTable of Changes Marilyn Crispell and Gerry Hemingway

Their playing together began in 1984 as part of the Anthony Braxton Quartet, this was complemented by many trios and mutual projects throughoutthe 90s, the duo has emerged as the most enduring forum for their musical kinship. The first recording released in 1992 on Knitting Factory works was followed almost 20 years later by the 2011 release of Affinities on Intakt records. In May of 2015, "Table of Changes" with music captured from their 2013 European tour became the second release on the Intakt label. For more about the duo and historical background on their various projects together, click here.

Ellery Eskelin & Gerry Hemingway


This musical association dates back to Ellery working in the GH Quartet at its inception in 1997 and continuing as a core member through thats group's various incarnations. Ellery continues to play in Hemingway's ensemble music as part of the new formation of his quintet. This duo was a natural outgrowth of their long musical relation. Click here for information about the recent release, and here for background on their past & current work together.

Terrence McManus & Gerry Hemingway


Gerry met Terrence via Kermit Driscoll who briefly was presenting the three of us as a vehicle for his music in 2008. Since that time Terry & Gerry have spawned many musical projects together some initiated by Terry and others such as the current GH quintet under Gerry's stewardship. The duo was a natural outcome and platform for the continued development of this musical relationship. Click here for more detail about the recent recording on Auricle Records.

Jin Hi Kim & Gerry Hemingway

JinHiKim and GerryAUR10

In 2003 Jin Hi Kim invited Gerry to Korea to perform on a project with her and a number of traditional Korean musicians in a project called Sanjo Ecstasy. You can seeclips of the project on You Tube here Pt 1 and Pt 2. They have performed in a number of project initatiated by Jin Hi Kim and have more recently began performing duo mostly in the context of a multimedia work called Digital Buddha (a video excerpt here). Their work together has culminated in the release of "Pulses" on Auricle Records. More information about this recording is available here.

John Butcher & Gerry Hemingway

Butcher& HemingwayBuffalo Pearlshooters & Bowlers

Beginning with some many hours in the car traveling throughout the Midwest and MidAtlantic regions of the US, this duo developed a vast and articulate mutual vocabulary and a unique manner of exchange that has culminated in two well received recordings, both taken from performances in the US with a few works recorded in a London studio. This site has a detailed page about the duo (click here) and also a newer page regarding the more recent Auricle Recording "Buffalo Pearl".

tom & gerrykineticsfireworks

Thomas Lehn & Gerry Hemingway started duo performances in 1997 in a tour that was originally planned as a quartet which thanks to economic realities was reduced to this duo. It was soon apparent how musically viable and sonically rich this duo was and so it continued with a series of tours in the US and Europe and now has three recordings which document its growth and evolution. For a page about the recent Auricle release "kinetics", click here, and for background on all their activities click here.

Anthony Braxton & Gerry Hemingway

braxton and hemingwayOld Dogs

In 2007 Anthony Braxton and Gerry Hemingway spent two summer days recording 4 one hour programs of improvised music at Wesleyan University. Anthony & Gerry had not performed or recorded together since 1994, and the primary experience for their long experience of making music together was in the context of the Anthony Braxton Quartet between 1983 and 1994 (though there were other projects as well - forinstance "Second Line Ratoon" documented on Bim Huis recordings). This duo recording offers a substantial listening experience. Its available here, and these reviews offer more description of the recording (From La Vif - Phillip Elhem- in French), (Art Lange - Point of Departure - scroll down) (Mark Corroto - All About Jazz) (Pachi Tapiz - in Spanish).

Andrea Goodman & Gerry Hemingway

Andrea Goodman and Gerry HemingwayDivineDoorways

Released in 1998 this is something quite unique in Gerry Hemingway's repertoire, a series of improvised duets with vocalist Andrea Goodman, known primarily for her work with Meredith Monk, based on the first eleven James Wanless Voyager Tarot cards. This was a collaborative venture in essence to find a sound world that embodied some of main archetypes these cards so beautifully illustrate. The recording is available from Amazon, or by contacting either Andrea or Gerry directly.

Ivo Perelman & Gerry Hemingway

IvoPerelman and Gerry HemingwayApple in the dark

Over the past 15 years Gerry has intersected with Ivo Perelman for a number of different recording projects. This duo recording was culled from two sessions quite far apart, one with Ivo having pre-recorded midi based piano which Hemingway improvised to, and the 2nd a session in Brooklyn in the winter of 2009 with tenor and some of Ivo's more unusual manifestations of a tenor saxophone (one without the keys).

Earl Howard & Gerry Hemingway

Earl Howard and Gerry HemingwayClepton Cover

As a duo Gerry And Earl were very active in the 1980's. In addition there were many projects that each initiated and one of them, a quartet called Re-Ensemble Gerry put together in 1987 along with George Lewis and Anne LeBaron, was documented and the program included the duo "Rosebud" which has now surfaced on the New World Records release entitled "Clepton". The remainder of the CD includes a project with the GRH trio performed at the Donnaueschingen festival in 2006. This wonderful CD can be found here.


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