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The Other Parade Cover SmallThe Line Up BassDrumBoneMarch of Dimes BassDrumBoneHence the Real Reason BassDrumBone

From their first performance in the fall of 1977 until now, 41 years later - a remarkable chemistry that never loses its vitality, risk for the unknown and the joy in its swing. For the long story and background on their recordings click here. Recordings both in and out print available here. Examples of the recent recordings on Clean Feed here, and Auricle Records here.

WHO trio

WHO trioEHO trio WHO ZooWHO trio Less is MoreWHO trio Open SongsWHO trio Current UnderneathWHO trio - Identity

A collective group that has developed a unique approach to the classic piano-bass-drum trio. Each recording is quite different from the next and much is to come soon from this group now that its two Swiss players now have Gerry also living in Switzerland. The official Who trio page, this site's version detailing recordings etc, click here.

Graewe/Reijseger/Hemingway (GRH) trio

GRH Trio VeniceGRH trio ContinuumGRH trio CounterfactualsGRH trio Flex 27GRH trio The View from Points West

Tree Ear - Sebastian Strinning - Manuel Troller - Gerry Hemingway

Mauger Trio ProfleTree Ear Witches ButterTree Ear Witches ButterTree Ear

The collective trio Tree Ear began developing its unique musical inventions in Luzern in 2013. On November 10, 2017 is the release of their new CD & LP on Clean Feed Records "Witches Butter" Click here for more info, links, audio and videos

Fourth Landscape w/Samuel Blaser & Benoît Delbecq

Fourth Landscape is a collective trio of pianist Benoît Delbecq, trombonist Samuel Blaser and myself on drums that began with a recording session for NuScope Recordings in January of 2013. The record has the remarkable sound from the production at Meudon studios in Paris and released in October 2013 (listen here and here).

Mauger w/Rudresh Mahanthappa and Mark Dresser

Mauger TrioMauger CDMauger Trio Profle

Beginning in 2007 with their debut release on Clean Feed in July of 2007 this collective group reveals different qualities for each of these unique personalities and strongly identified bandleaders. The chemistry has grown and there is much more to look forward to from this group in upcoming performances and future recordings. Click here for more info, links and videos about Mauger.

Crispell/Guy/Hemingway (CGH) trio

Crispell Guy HemingwayCascades Cover

This group first performed and recorded in Vancouver in 1993 which resulted in the 1995 release of Cascades on Music & Arts CDs. The group reconvened in 2002 at the Guimares festical in Portugal and Sons d'Hiver in Paris. Although the group has remained dormant since this time there is interest to performances in the near future. The page for the group is avaiable here.

Brew w/Reggie Workman & Miya Masaoka

Brew TrioBrew Trio CD

The collective trio Brew was first active in the late 90s and has performed occassionally since that time. They culled studio and live material into a CD called "Heat" which was never commercially released. More information about the trio can be found here. Mp3s from their CD can be found here.


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