Paul Smoker

"What Paul Smoker produced on his horn was unheard in these latitudes; his complete command of his instrument allowed him to play whatever extravaganza he would think of, harmonically as well as in terms of dynamics. Styles, modes and techniques of every era of the history of music--Baroque and Bebop, Structuralism and Storyville, Blues and Berio--Paul Smoker again and again managed to integrate them into the structures of his pieces. Equally mesmerizing were his chops which up to the end never gave out--neither in piercing highs nor in bottomless pedal notes. To the widely discussed question about the future development of the jazz trumpet, Paul Smoker's musical concept could definitely constitute a far-reaching answer." --Jazz Podium.


Biography & Reviews
One afternoon in Chicago...
Gerry Hemingway Quartet


"He carries a history of the music in his horn. Imagine an amalgam of Armstrong's bravura, Dizzy's go-for-broke gumption, Cootie's plunger-talk, Cherry's/Bowie's raggedy-ass attack, and the exhibitionism of a high-note specialist. He seems to come from everyplace at the same time."-Downbeat


Paul Smoker
136 Garnsey Road
Pittsford NY 14534-4534
Ph/fax (716) 381-3711


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