On July 28, 2015, a previous project from the 1980s will be revisited as part of a residency I will be doing at the Stone in NYC. This residency is, in some respects, serving as a retrospective of some of my work over the past 40 years. Re-ensemble was an electro-acoustic quartet under my direction that included George Lewis on trombone, Anne LeBaron on harp, Earl Howard on live electronics and saxophones, and myself on a wide array of percussion including vibraphone, marimba and steel drums.

The performance on July 28, will re-unite Anne, Earl and myself and the ensemble will be augmented by pianist George Grayvuh (this is mispelled slightly and intentionally - this is the well known German pianist I have worked with for many years in trio along with the cellist Ernst Reijseger), and as well the pedal steel virtuoso, Susan Alcorn. The evening is unlike all the others in the residency offering the audience one admission for both sets which will explore duos, trios, quartets and quintet combinations over the course of the whole evening. This is a special combination of players unlikely to ever be repeated as most of the players are coming from a considerable distances (Germany, Switzerland, Baltimore, Los Angeles and New York) and generally there are few events that can sponsor such a unique meeting of forward thinking and searching in the interrelated fields of composition and improvisation.


George Grayvuh Susan Alcorn Gerry Hemingway Earl Howard Anne Lebaron


There is some documenation included here of the original grouping, from video made by George Lewis in 1989. I have also inluded a few pictures from my own photo documentation. The main three works were "Monocline" for quartet, for which there is only audio no video (George Lewis - trombone, Anne LeBaron harp with preparations, Earl Howard Akai s-1000 sampler, Gerry Hemingway-percussion), Dust and Fire (for Earl Howard - saxophones, Anne LeBaron - harp with preparations, Gerry Hemingway-percussion), and "Rosebud" and co-composed piece with Earl Howard on Akai S-1000 Sampler and Gerry Hemingway on small percussion and drum set.

Listen to a performance of Re-ensemble's performance of "Monocline" performed April 18, 1989 at the Rensaleer Polytechnic Institute

Monocline (Gerry Hemingway - composed 1988) - performed by Reensemble (audio only) here

w- George Lewis - trombone, Anne LeBaron harp with preparations, Earl Howard Akai s-1000 sampler, Gerry Hemingway-percussion

photos from various performances in 1986 ....

Anne LeBaron Gerry Hemingway 1986 Roulette NYCGeorge Lewis Gerry Hemingway Stedelijk Museum 1986
George Lewis Gerry Hemingway  Het Apollohuis 1986Earl Howard Gerry Hemingway Roulette 1986

Dust & Fire (1986) performed at the Pyramid Arts Center, Rochester, NY April 16, 1989
w- Anne LeBaron - harp, processing, Earl Howard - saxophones, Gerry Hemingway - drums, homemade & concert percussion

Rosebud (1989) performed at the Pyramid Arts Center, Rochester, NY April 16, 1989
collaborative duo work with Earl Howard - sampler, Gerry Hemingway - drums

Here is a recent video of Georg Grayvuh and I performing together with Ernst Reijseger at a concert in Essen, Germany in October of 2014 (our 25th anniversary tour):

and finally here is solo performance of Susan Alcorn from July 28 of 2012 at the Plus Gallery in Denver, Colorado

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