Vincent Glanzmann + Gerry Hemingway

Vincent Glanzmann- Gerry Hemingway

"Composition 0" & beyond ...

“a constantly evolving electro-acoustic composition for percussion and microphones“

One of Composition O's central charateristic is articulated in it’s commitment to a process of constant evolution. It's structure and content are subject to revision, alteration, refinement, and redefinition which is guided by the collaborative musical and compositional reflections of it's composers, who are also it’s performers. The degree of change has both a relation to the individual performative and compositional pursuits of it’s composers while also being influenced by their current focus and research.

The compositional particularities are fixed in regards to each performance. However after each performance the piece is again open for discussion and re-evaluation. Some parameters that could change might include of change the manner of notation, instrumentation, organization of sound properties, and the consideration of alternate formations of musicians.

The electro-acoustic element of microphones integrated into an otherwise percussive instrumentation allows access to micro-acoustic areas of sound as well as a parallel investigation of developing them as instruments unto themselves.



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